Valle di Susa: which project?


01 Marzo 2019
h. 9:30 - 13:00


Politecnico di Milano, Aula 2.2.5, Edificio 2
Piazza L. da Vinci, 32


Today the territory of Valle di Susa is at the center of an intense debate regarding the construction of the high-speed railway line (TAV) and it is possible to observe that the discussion seems often to forget the destiny of the entire valley system, with its landscape and its settlements, limiting the whole question to the simple contrast between the supporters and the opponents of the new infrastructure.
While recognizing the strategic role that the highspeed line could have in the future, both on a local and on an European level, it is important to start a discussion that gives to the historical, morphological and landscape perspectives of this territory the correct relevance. In other words, it’s fundamental to direct the attention towards the need of a design vision that puts all the elements of the valley into a system, trying to balance both the problems of conservation and the instances of transformation, in order to produce credible perspectives for the present and the future of the valley.

These are therefore the goals of our Final Thesis Studio which will try to develop different thesis projects which, after the understanding of present tensions and conflicts, develop the formulation of a limited spectrum of scenarios, composed of several investigation on a specific prevailing destiny. Starting from different possibilities and after expressing a specific and overall vision for the entire Susa Valley, each group will elaborate concrete hypotheses with the tools of architectural, landscape and urban planning.

The design experimentation developed within our Final Thesis Studio is intended to be dialectically inserted into the research project promoted by the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU) on the theme “Territorial fragilities”. In line with the aim of this project, we will address the issue of the Valle di Susa as a specific case with a strong emblematic value, compared to the critical points and potentialities of the Italian territories, of their natural landscapes and built environment.

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