Building Multiscalar Scenarios


23 October 2019
h. 9:30 - 14.00


Politecnico di Milano, Auditorium
via Pascoli 53



International seminar on
Advanced Techniques for
image warping of maps
through time parameters

The Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of Politecnico di Milano is among the Italian departments financed by the Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) for the
period 2018-2022 as part of the Departments of Excellence initiative. For the five-year period, the DAStU has committed itself to exploring the articulated and plural processes of fragilisation of the relationship between space and society with the objective to become a center of national and international competence on the topic of territorial fragilities.

The seminar aims at exploring a relevant issue: how to produce parametric maps that include time as a factor of modification of physical distances and accessibility. These kind of maps are therefore suitable to reveal how territories can respect the topologic relationships among nodes, and how the urban and rural areas attached to them are dragged by the simultaneous presence of slow and fast networks.
These maps help in analysing and governing urban and regional transformations. The contributions will aim at exploring new modes of mapping that can represent the relation between territories, connections and time. Considering time as a mapping parameter, requires image warping techniques applied to raster and vector maps, integrating GIS software with parametric tools. This seminar is based on both a methodological and a practical approach, where possible solutions and practical applications can be discussed. This seminar has been developed within the “territorial fragility” project promoted by the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies – research line MapFrag: Mapping fragile landscapes, tools and tecniques for the analysis and representation of territorial fragilities.


Alessandro Balducci
Politecnico di Milano
Scientific Coordinator of
The Territorial Fragilities Project
Opening of the seminar

Andrea Rolando
Politecnico di Milano
Mapping territorial fragilities

Domenico D’Uva
Politecnico di Milano
Maps Warping as a multiscalar tool

The multiscalar processes
of space-time mapping. Metodology and Transformations

Klaus Spiekermann
Spiekermann & Wegener Urban and Regional Research – Dortmund
Mapping European time-space

Francisco Escobar
University of Alcala
Cartographic Transformations of Position. Towards an understandable representation of distances and accessibility

Coffe Break

Experiences and applications
of parametric mapping. Known issues and possible solutions

Anita Graser / AIT Austrian Institute
of Technology – Vienna
Towards an exploratory analysis of time in massive movement data

Reinhard König / Bauhaus-
University Weimar
Adaptive urban design and master planning

Open Discussion and
contributions with:

Alessandro Bianchi
Stefano Cherubin
Antonella Contin
Rossella Salerno
Daniele Villa

Fabrizio Leoni

Domenico D’Uva

Scarica la locandina

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