Territorial Fragilities and Landscape Design in Rural Areas


2 December 2019
h. 14:00


Politecnico di Milano, Building 11, Aula Rogers
Via Ampère, 10




The goal of the conference is to investigate the role of landscape design in relation to the weakening of territories, taking the European scenario as the research field and focusing on the fragilities of the rural landscape, on the design tools through which they can be processed and on the multidisciplinary and transcalar strategies connected to a general awareness and to their desirable overcoming.

Specifically, through the conference, the will is to structure a reflection on the phenomena of socio-territorial, architectural-spatial and ecological-environmental fragilities that today affect the rural areas.

These fragilities are strongly connected to each other, representing the outcome of the intertwining of conditions, that are constitutive for a site, to fragilization processes, not only catastrophic events, linked to anthropic actions of moving away from a systemic balance situation.
The fragilization scenarios of the rural areas are linked particularly to the main physical systems of which the landscape is composed by and through which the weakening is manifested. These three constitutive elements – productive ground, water and paths – are the ones on which even the design practices seem to be focused in order to counteract or contain fragility, triggering processes of transformation and “care”.

The working method that the conference proposes starts precisely from the landscape project, as an operational tool to explore the fragilization phenomena in relation to the dynamic systems that configure the rural areas and on which the project acts.

Gabriele Pasqui / Director of the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU)
The topic of territorial fragilities
Lavinia Dondi / Research fellow at DAStU D’Ecc Project
Territorial fragilities and landscape design in rural areas

Rethinking fragile rural landscapes through the design project. Three operational tools: productive soil, water and paths

coloco / Paris
Pablo Georgieff / Partner
Water and landscape. Study for the area of Nantes Saint-Nazaire and projects for the Brière site

FABRICations / Amsterdam
Buro Sant en Co / The Hague
Rens Wijnakker / Senior landscape architect and researcher
Paul Plambeck / Partner
Healthy living, vital economies and sustainable energy. Landscape study for the Green Heart area in the Netherlands

16 30
Coffee break

Batlle i Roig Arquitectes / Barcelona
Mario Suñer / Landscape vice director
Landscape rebuilt. Environmental and landscape recovery of the Vall d’En Joan landfill in Begues, Barcelona
Open discussion and conclusions

Members of the Scientific Committee of the ProLand research DAStU D’Ecc Project
Alberta Cazzani
Antonio Longo
Andrea Oldani
Alessandro Rocca
Michele Ugolini

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