What do we mean by Territorial Fragility?

Fragility is an object or situation’s predisposition to radically change due to unexpected accidents. It can be understood in (at least) three different ways.

Firstly, fragility is an object or situation’s constituent feature. It is understood as an original state which, if natural, may be compatible with human action and, if artificial, may be a deliberate or unintentional design.

Secondly, fragility arises due to a departure from stability and resistance leading to deterioration.

Finally, fragility may be caused by a disruption of an evolutionary reinforcement process. This reduces ongoing transformations that have not yet stabilised and are open to other types of fragility, i.e. transformation mechanisms (plans, projects, rules, policies).

Based on these different interpretations, the Department’s project shall examine and deal with land fragility, starting from a recognition of the issues’ importance for our country and globally.