Housing Regeneration in Europe An Opportunity for Architecture and Architects


15 November 2019
h. 10:00 - 13.30


Politecnico di Milano, Aula Rogers
via Ampère 2


elena.fontanella@polimi.it fabio.lapretto


The seminar is inspired by the increasing number of interesting projects and architectural practices dealing with spatial, typological and technical innovation connected to the regeneration of existing buildings all over Europe toward residential and community spaces. The seminar is interested in crossing different experiences that work on: the regeneration of existing collective housing, the regeneration of peripheral areas and fragile context, the unconventional reuse of the nonresidential, underused or abandoned buildings. All these topics combine many issues: the typological innovation in relation to contemporary practices, the work on the envelope, the layout articulation, the image of the building, the participation of the community, the effects that these projects can produce on
urban scale.

This seminar has been developed within the “territorial fragility” project promoted by the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies. It results from the synergy between two research lines: ForDwell “Forms, uses and spaces for contemporary dwelling. New solutions for new households” and PeriFrag “Urban and metropolitan peripheries in fragile territories”


Elena Fontanella, Fabio Lepratto /
Research Fellows at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies D’ECC project.

Inspiring projects

Hans van Heeswijk architecten (NL)
Hans van Heeswijk / partner

Mae (UK)
Alex Ely / partner

Beta Office (NL)
Auguste van Oppen / partner


Open discussion

Massimo Bricocoli / Stefano
Guidarini/ Andreas Lichtblau / Filippo Orsini / Simona Pierini / Gennaro Postiglione / Silja Tillner
Professors at the School of
Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering, will discuss together with the seminar guests.


Organized by:

Elena Fontanella, Fabrio Lepratto


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