PhD Workshop on Territorial Fragilities 2021.21 – Territorial Fragilities in Cyprus


15th-19th, 2021


Politecnico di Milano
MS Teams




Planning and Preservation



Nicosia, Cyprus, is one of the divided cities in the world. This open wound in the geo-political body of EU cuts through the whole island of Cyprus as well as through Nicosia, including its historical center surrounded by well-preserved Venetian walls. Since 1974, the so-called “green line” separates materially and symbolically the Turkish-Cypriot from the Greek-Cypriot community despite recurring attempts to find out a route for reconciliation.
The workshop addresses the multiple fragilities due to the continuing existence of the borderline, mainly in Nicosia’s metropolitan area, intending to explore scenarios and spatial patterns of intervention to cope with the urban partition, facilitate by-communal projects, and encourage reunification.


Monday 15th – 15:00
Guido Licciardi / World Bank

Tuesday 16th – 15:00
Anita Bakshi / Rutgers University

Wednesday 17th – 9:30
Anna Grichting / Cyprus GreenLineScapes Lab

Thursday 18th – 9:00
Agni Petridou and Ali Güralp / Nicosia Master Plan

Friday 19th – 9:30
Nasso Chrysochou / Frederick University of Cyprus


PhD Course in Urban Planning and Policy Design
Professors: Luca Gaeta, Fabiano Lemes, Gabriele Pasqui and Massimo Bricocoli

PhD Course in Preservation of the Architectural Heritage
Professors: Maria Cristina Giambruno, Annunziata Maria Oteri and Paolo Faccio (IUAV)

Alice Buoli (UPDP)
Oana Tiganea (PAH)

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